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Healthy Nova Scotia Ban

"We are making it easier
for the people
of this province
to limit
their exposure to
unnecessary chemicals."

Minister of Environment
announcing April 1, 2011
sale and use
pesticide regulations.

Print "Pesticide Free" Poster


Click on image
to print this poster.
Put it up in your

Together, let's make
BC pesticide free!

All Insects Pesticide Target

"Pesticide use kills
beneficial insects
as well as
targetted insects."

Gardening for pollinators

Thompson Shuswap
Master Gardeners

Help BC go Pesticide Free!

The Canadian Cancer Society
continues to lead BC's
health and environmental
groups' advocacy for a
province-wide ban.

See Coalition's Feb 3, 2012
ban statement.

Review ban legislation
given to BC's Environment
Minister in 2010.

Join the CCS's "Pesticide Free
BC" Facebook discussions.

Take action! to help BC
go pesticide free.

Tell Premier Clark she needs to honour her 2011 pesticide ban commitment.

Call the Premier's office at 250 387 1715 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Together, let's make BC pesticide free.


Healthy Soil is Needed!

"A lawn or garden
rich in
biological diversity
has proven,
time-honored methods
for feeding itself
and clearing itself
of pests and diseases.

The use
of pesticides or
some chemical fertilizers
will kill
these micro-organisms
and actually
makes more work."

Maintaining Healthy 
Lawns & Gardens 
Fact Sheet #2
Greater Victoria
Education Centre.

Get "SOUL" in Your Yard

The Society
for Organic Urban Land Care
promotes and
organic practices
in BC communities
workshops, certification
and standardization.
Get "SOUL" in your 
yard and garden 
and use their 
three free ebooks . . .

"Practical Tips for
Organic Gardeners",
"Products for
Organic Gardeners"
"Soil Testing for
Organic Gardeners".
For more on this
"grown in BC" organization,
click here

Gaia's "Cultivating" Events

BC's Gaia College 
wants to get 
our lawns & gardens 
off chemicals 
and help BCers practice
organic land care.

2013 courses on 
organic land care,
master gardening  
growing food "in the City"
are available
throughout BC . . .

including Burnaby,
Duncan, Qualicum Beach, 
Tofino, Vancouver
and Victoria.

For details,
including new on-line
organic soil, turf and
tree management courses,
click here.  

To include your community,
contact Gaia
and help "cultivate" 
an organic, 
pesticide free BC!