Jerseys From China Pesticide Free Initiatives in BC

PF Municipal Programs

BC has many excellent
pesticide free
municipal education 
programs including . . . 

The Lower Mainland's
North Shore
GardenSmart program

and the City of Richmond
hold very successful
organic yard & lawn care

Does your community 
have similar fun, 
informative events
on sustainable, 
organic lawn &
garden practices?

The Regional District
of Nanaimo's Kelowna's
Pesticide Free initiatives
include Healthy Yard tips
You Tube videos
pesticide free workshops.

Revelstoke has terrific info 
on landscaping problems, 
less toxic pesticides
natural solutions in their
Environmentally Friendly Pesticides brochure.

Vancouver Island’s 
Capital Regional District 
Pesticide Use 
Reduction Education

includes a sign 
so neighbours know 
your lawn is safe 
for their children and pets.

For more on BC's
40 bylaws and educational
programs, click here.

BC's Ban - Cancer Society

"We call for new legislation that:

Prohibits the use, sale,
and retail display
of chemical pesticides
or lawns, gardens, and
non-agricultural landscaping;

Allows exemptions only
to protect public health;

Provides for public education
about the ban and
alternatives to chemical pesticides;

Includes effective mechanisms
for enforcement;

Is passed and implemented
within the current
government's mandate."

Canadian Cancer Society -
BC and Yukon Division website.

No IPM - Cancer Society

"Integrated Pest Management
(IPM) is Not the Answer.

IPM sounds reasonable,
but in practice
does not work
as its principles are vague
and open to interpretation.

IPM cannot be considered
an appropriate part
of a comprehensive ban
to eliminate
cosmetic pesticide use,
because IPM
still uses pesticides."

Canadian Cancer Society
BC and Yukon
Nov 8, 2011 Presentation
to BC Legislative Cttee.
See Slide 11.

Unsustainable Use - COABC

"The BC Organic Sector
is convinced the
current sale and use of
synthetic pesticides in BC,
and in Canada,
is detrimental
to human health
and the ecosystems
of our province
and country.

We cannot continue
the unsustainable practices
of applying pesticides
to artifically manage & control
the environment around us."

Certified Organic
Associations of BC (COABC)
Oct 26, 2011 Presentation
to BC Legislative Cttee.
See page 8.

BC Babies At Greatest Risk

"At regular intervals,
new evidence
comes forward citing
the link between pesticides
and cancer, birth defects,
and neurological illness,

The bulk of the evidence
shows that children
- especially babies
still in the womb,
are at greatest risk."

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)
June 4, 2010 News Release
in support of BC ban.

NHL Cancer & Pesticide Use

"Studies on Non-Hodgkin
Lymphoma (NHL),
a type of cancer
of lymph nodes were
as convincing and
as the leukemia studies.

Most of the studies were positive,
meaning that the people
exposed to pesticides
had a greater risk
of getting
this type of cancer.

Elevated rates of NHL
were found in
golf course
farmers in Canada
(increasing risk
with # of acres sprayed)
and also children
who lived in homes
where pesticides were used."

Canadian Association
of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)
Nov 7, 2011 presentation to
BC Legislative Cttee.
See page 3.

Lung Assoc. Wants BC Ban

"We do not agree
with the indiscriminate
use of pesticides for
unnecessary or
cosmetic reasons.

The risks to human health
and the environment
are simply too great.

That is why we fully support
the Canadian Cancer Society's
position for a
province-wide ban."

BC Lung Association
June 4, 2010 News Release
in support of BC ban.

Pesticides are Everywhere!

"Many people 
do not realize
how commonly
these toxic chemicals
are used, 
they are applied on
school grounds, 
sports fields,
golf courses, parks,
and on
private lawns and gardens."

Sustainable Environment 
Network Society 
S.E.N.S. Vernon.

Dandelions aren't Killers

"Dandelions do not
cause cancer."
Carole Rubin, Author.
April 15, 2009.

Vulnerable Fetuses & Kids

"Chemicals in pesticides
affect developing fetus
young children
whose brain
and other organs
are still developing."

First Call: BC Child and
Youth Advocacy Coalition
&Toxic Free Canada
Nov 8, 2011 Presentation
to BC Legislative Cttee.
See slide 3.

Print "Pesticide Free" Poster


Click on image
to print this poster.
Put it up in your

Together, let's make
BC pesticide free!

Help BC go Pesticide Free!

The Canadian Cancer Society
continues to lead BC's
health and environmental
groups' advocacy for a
province-wide ban.

See Coalition's Feb 3, 2012
ban statement.

Review ban legislation
given to BC's Environment
Minister in 2010.

Join the CCS's "Pesticide Free
BC" Facebook discussions.

Take action! to help BC
go pesticide free.
There are over 100 "pesticide free" initiatives throughout BC . . . including more than 60 groups and organizations, 7 school districts, 2 universities and over 40 municipal and regional governments.

An unprecendented heath and environment coalition has repeatedly called for a strong provincial pesticide ban to "eliminate needless risks from lawn and garden pesticides".

See right sidebar "BC Ban Coalition Groups" for the 22 coalition members (Members have a " * " beside their name in the list below).

Check out this list for the "pesticide free" initiatives near you and your family members.

If your Pesticide Free initiative is not included, please e-mail PFBC.



Bee S.A.F..E. (Securing Agriculture and a Food Economy), Lumby

BC Health Authorities

BC New Democratic Party (NDP)

  • For ban legislation introduced for the fifth time on March 7, 2013, click here.

Burke Mountain Naturalists

Campaign for Pesticide Reduction Maple Ridge

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)*

  • To watch CAPE’s 10 minute "Lawn and Garden Pesticides - Reducing Harm" video, click here. To purchase, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Join the blog launched by CAPE and the David Suzuki Foundation for monthly commentaries by medical doctors and researchers on linkages between human health and the environment on Docs Talk.
  • To sign CAPE/Suzanne Wemp's petition to Premier Clark, calling for strong province-wide ban legislation, click here.
  • For what the BC Cancer Society wants in precautionary BC ban legislation, see left sidebars . . . "BC's Ban - Cancer Society" and "No IPM - Cancer Society".

  • For Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides Nov 8, 2011 info:   Presentation Transcript
  • For sale and use ban legislation submitted to BC's Minister of Environment in 2009, click here
  • Join the CCS on their Pesticide Free BC Facebook.
  • To contact your Health Promotion Coordinator and help with their BC ban campaign in your area, click here.
  • For Feb 12, 2010 submission to BC's on-line public consultation on cosmetic pesticide use, click here.
  • To take the pledge to avoid using pesticides, click here.

Certified Organic Associations of B.C. (COABC)

  • To “dig” your organic garden with David Suzuki, click here . . .  maybe the Gnome will visit you!
  • Join the blog launched by the Foundation and CAPE for monthly commentaries by medical doctors and researchers on linkages between human health and the environment on Docs Talk.
First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition*
  • For "cultivating" organic gardening and turf courses throughout BC, including on-line courses, click here.
Georgia Strait Alliance*
  • Want to transition to a pesticide free lawn or garden? Get going by clicking here!

  • See Party's supportive response to Cancer Society's May 2009 election ban question.


Local Governments

Thirty two Local Governments want the Province to ban the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides . . . now!

By late 2012, these 32 local governments had adopted motions to write letters to the BC government, calling for province-wide cosmetic pesticide legislation: 


Burnaby    Comox    Coquitlam    Courtenay   Cumberland

East Kootenay (Regional District)   Fernie    Gibsons    Golden

Harrison Hot Springs    Invermere    Kamloops    Kelowna    Kimberley

North Vancouver (City)   North Vancouver (District)   Port Coquitlam

Port Moody   Pitt Meadows    Qualicum Beach    Richmond    Revelstoke

Saanich    Salmon Arm    Sechelt   Surrey    Terrace   Tofino   Victoria

West Vancouver   Whistler   White Rock

For the City of Victoria’s Mayor Dean Fortin’s December 1, 2011 letter to Premier Christy Clark, click here.

For BC's 40 pesticide bylaw communities' education programs, click here.


Pesticide Free BC

Raincoast Education Society (RES)

Regional District of Nanaimo, Team Watersmart
  • If you missed the "alternatives to synthetic pesticides" recipes, click here.

As of December 2011, at least six School Districts have written policies that either ban or restrict pesticide use on school grounds.

One School District has an unwritten “no pesticide use” policy and one has committed to a ban but has yet to formalize the policy.


Alberni SD 70 – Resolution passed May 25, 2010. Policy being developed.

Central Okanagan SD 23 - Amended 2004.

Kamloops Thompson SD 73 – Unwritten “no pesticides” policy.

Kootenay Lake SD 8 - Adopted 1988.

North Okanagan Shushwap SD 83 - Adopted 2009.

Southeast Kootenay SD 5 - Adopted May 2011.

Surrey SD 36 - Revised 2008.

Vernon SD 22 - Moratorium adopted June 2011.


Sierra Club BC
  • For "grown in BC" organic education information, including gardening courses, click here.

Surrey White Rock Pesticide-Free Coalition
  • For "Cosmetic Pesticides and Alternatives to Cosmetic Pesticide Use" brochure, click here.
  • For sale and use ban legislation submitted to BC Minister of Environment in 2009, click here.
  • For 2010 efforts to stop stores (like Canadian Tire) from selling pesticides in BC municipalities that have banned the products, click here. For 2009 efforts, click here.
University Campuses

As of December 2011, at least two universities have committed to restricting cosmetic pesticide use on their campuses. No on-line policies have been found to confirm these initiatives:

University of BC, Vancouver.
University of Northern BC, Prince George.

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics*

University of Victoria, Environmental Law Centre (ELC)
  • For the "made-in-BC" ban legislation the ELC helped draft for the Canadian Cancer Society and Toxic Free Canada in 2009, click here.
Wemp, Suzanne
  • For CAPE and Sparwood Mom's petition to Premier Clark C calling for strong province-wide ban legislation, click here.
  • For July 22, 2010 blog "What's the province thinking about pesticides", click here.

  • For July 22, 2010 blog "Provincial consultations show 88% support for cosmetic pesticide ban", click here.
  • For 2010 efforts to stop stores (like Canadian Tire) from selling pesticides in BC municipalities that have banned the products, click here.

For more info . . .

  • For low risk pesticides and sustainable land care practices, click here.

  • Why BC needs a strong "no IPM" ban (like Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec) and why this won't happen under the BC Liberals, click here.

  • To advocate for strong ban legislation in BC, click here.  
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Never Doubt Citizens

"Never doubt
a small group
of thoughtful,
committed citizens
can change the world.

it’s the only
thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead 
1901 – 1978

Protect Sled Dogs not Kids?

In 2011, Premier Clark
and past
Environment Minister Lake
acted swiftly
because of 56 dead
Olympic sled dogs
"amended legislation
to give this province
the toughest animal
cruelty laws
in Canada."

"Land Act changes improve
protection of sled dogs."
BC Govt Newsroom
Oct 22, 2011

When will  
the Liberal Government
protect British Columbians,
our pets and
the environment
from harmful
cosmetic pesticide use
with "tough" ban legislation?

Put BC's Children First

“Children across Ontario,
Quebec, and Nova Scotia
are all protected
from these poisons,
but the same can’t be said
of children in BC.

We think that’s outrageous
and this unique campaign
is designed to rectify it.”

BC Health Authorities
Launch Blitz
Against Toxic Lawn Products
Feb 3, 2012 Media Release.

See Feb 3, 2012
Vancouver Sun ad.

Gaia's "Cultivating" Events

BC's Gaia College 
wants to get 
our lawns & gardens 
off chemicals 
and help BCers practice
organic land care.

2013 courses on 
organic land care,
master gardening  
growing food "in the City"
are available
throughout BC . . .
including Burnaby,
Duncan, Qualicum Beach, 
Tofino, Vancouver
and Victoria.

For details,
including new on-line
organic soil, turf and
tree management courses,
click here.  

To include your community,
contact Gaia
and help "cultivate" 
an organic, 
pesticide free BC!

PF Columbia Basin

"Pesticide Free Columbia Basin
calls on municipalities,
school districts
and the
provincial government
to take action by enacting
by-laws, policies
and/or legislation
that protects citizens
unnecessary exposure
to cosmetic pesticides."

Pesticide Free Columbia Basin website.

Public Health wants BC Ban

"Reducing pesticides
in the environment
is a prudent
cautionary action,
particularly when
good alternative approaches
to cosmetic pesticides
are available.

Public Health Association of BC.
June 4, 2010 News Release
in support of BC ban.

Get "SOUL" in Your Yard

"Our mission is
to promote
and support
organic practices
in our communities
certification and

Society for Organic Urban
Land Care (SOUL) website

SPCA wants BC Ban

"Cosmetic pesticides used
to kill weeds
are highly toxic, and
if your dog or cat
steps on grass
that's been treated
with pesticides,
the next time 
he licks his paws
he is ingesting poison,
plain and simple."

B.C. SPCA joins coalition
calling for BC ban.
Vancouver Sun, May 9, 2010

BC Needs Ban - Suzuki Fdtn

" . . . the David Suzuki Foundation
strongly supports
a comprehensive ban on
cosmetic pesticides in B.C.

Chemicals used to improve
the appearance
of lawns and gardens
pose unnecessary health
and environmental hazards.

We live in a world
of multiple exposures
to toxic chemicals,
it only makes sense
to eliminate
unnecessary sources
like cosmetic pesticides.

Safer alternatives
are increasingly available."

David Suzuki Foundation
Nov 8, 2011 Presentation
to BC Legislative Cttee.
See Transcript, after line 1110.

UBCM Supports Ban

"UBCM fully supports
the enactment
of a provincial ban
on the
sale and use of
cosmetic pesticides."

Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM)
Nov 8, 2011 presentation
to BC Legislative Cttee.
See Transcript line 1310.

Displeased BC Doctors

"Doctors are displeased that,
given all we know about
pesticides and illness,
the committee would offer
something so weak.

We will continue
to urge the BC government
to implement
strong province-wide
cosmetic pesticide legislation,
similar to Ontario's."

Canadian Association of
Physicians for the Environment
(CAPE) Executive Director in
Top health groups
disappointed by
weak pesticide report

Canadian Cancer Society
Media Release May 17 2012.
See March 5, 2013 media
report on re-newed call
for BC ban.

Labelled Use is Dangerous

"However, one need only
to read
the pesticide label
of many typical
household pesticides
to realize that these
dangerous substances -
in the sense
that they are quite
capable of causing
significant health
environmental impacts.

For example: Avoid
breathing of spray mist.

Avoid repeated
contact with skin . . .

Avoid contamination
of aquatic systems
during application . . . "

West Coast Environmental Law Association
Nov 7 2011 Presentation
to Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides