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No Ban for BC

"The majority of the committee
does not think
the scientific evidence,
at this time, warrants
an outright ban."

Don't ban cosmetic pesticides, B.C. MLAs recommend
May 17 2012 CBC News Post.

See Special Committee
on Cosmetic Pesticides
May 17, 2012 News Release
and Report.

See BC Government's
February 20, 2013
minor legislative changes
for mandatory IPM
on residential lawns.

The sale and use of
cosmetic pesticides
will not be banned in BC.

BC Govt Promotes IPM

Ask about IPM."

BC Ministry of Environment
brochure and website.

No IPM - Cancer Society

"IPM cannot
be considered
an appropriate part
a comprehensive ban
to eliminate
cosmetic pesticide use,
because IPM
still uses pesticides."

Canadian Cancer Society
BC and Yukon
Nov 8, 2011 Presentation
to BC Legislative Cttee.
See Slide 11.

Print "Pesticide Free" Poster

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to print this poster.
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Together, let's make
BC pesticide free!

Help BC go Pesticide Free!

The Canadian Cancer Society
continues to lead BC's
health and environmental
groups' advocacy for a
province-wide ban.

See Coalition's Feb 3, 2012
ban statement.

Review ban legislation
given to BC's Environment
Minister in 2010.

Join the CCS's "Pesticide Free
BC" Facebook discussions.

Take action! to help BC
go pesticide free.

Using PFBC Website

For info, click on topics
across the top of each page
(using Explorer works best).

"about pesticides"
explains why all BCers
need to be concerned
about non-essential
cosmetic pesticide use.

Click on about pesticides
header. Topics are listed
in the top left sidebar . . .
the green lawn box.

You will be at
Pesticides are Killers info.
Click on listed topics
for more info, including
the Precautionary Approach,
Risk of Exposure and
Risk to Human Health.

bc needs ban
explains why BC lags
behind other provinces and
why BC needs a
"no IPM" ban.

For bylaw info, click on
bylaw communities topic.

Click on BC Bylaws Don't Protect to find out
why bylaws don't
really protect BCers.
Click on BC Bylaws &
Education Programs

for BC's 40 bylaws.
To find specifc topics, use
the bottom left search
sidebar on each page.

Type in the topic you want
. . . children, IPM, ban.
Hit your "enter" key and
click on linked items
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Throughout the website,
links to sources
and more info are
grey and underlined.

Contact PFBC

Please contact
Pesticide Free BC at
Welcome! to the Pesticide Free BC website.

* * BC is NOT banning cosmetic pesticides. * *

In March 2013, the BC Liberal Government

approved minor legislative changes to implement 

the Special Committee on Cosmetic Pesticides'

recommended mandatory

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

use of pesticides

on "private landscaped areas".

IPM requirements will be phased in spring 2014 and 2015

based on consultations received

This will NOT stop

the sale and use
of harmful and

non-essential  lawn and garden pesticides  . . .

BC has one of the weakest approaches in Canada!

The BC Liberal Government continues

to ignore scientific evidence


strong public support for a ban.

Premier Christy Clark and past Environment Minister Lake

have backpeddled on their ban commitments

They acted swiftly in 2011 to protect sled dogs

but they did NOT put the health

of BC families,
our pets or the environment first


the cosmetic pesticide ban issue.

Instead of a strong, protective ban,

when new regulations are passed,

BC will get mandatory IPM use of pesticides

on residential lawns . . .

continued use of known toxins when numerous

lower risk products are readily available.

IPM is the self-serving landscaping approach

recommended by

the powerful chemical landscaping industry


promoted by BC's Ministry of Environment.

BC's Liberal Government continues to ignore

the seven provinces that have banned

the sale and use

of Health Canada's approved products 

because of concerns about risk

to human health and the environment:

Alberta 2010  New Brunswick 2009

Newfoundland & Labrador 2012

Nova Scotia
2011 Ontario 2009 

Prince Edward Island 2010 Quebec 2003

(Manitoba will be the eighth province in 2014)

See right sidebars . . . "Premier Breaks Ban Promise", "Ban Support Mowed Down", "Premier for Ban in 2011", "Protect Sled Dogs not Kids?", "No IPM in Nova Scotia", "Ont Bans Unnecessary Risk" and "It's what's in the spray".

See left sidebars . . . "No Ban for BC", "BC Govt Promotes IPM" and "No IPM - Cancer Society"

For why IPM is NOT the solution to non-essential cosmetic pesticide use, check out the Pesticide Free BC website for info on  . . .

  • Why cosmetic pesticides cannot be "properly" or "safely" used by anyone (including a  licensed IPM applicator), click here.

  • Why pesticide use is a public health issue (particularly for children, young women and the elderly), click here.
  • Why the environment and our pets are at risk, click here.
  • Why Health Canada's flawed approval of pesticide products does not protect any Canadian, click here.
  • Why the powerful chemical landscaping industry opposes ban legislation, click here.
  • Why BC's 40 pesticide bylaws don't really protect BCers, click here.

  • Why the coalition of health and environmental groups (led by the Canadian Cancer Society - BC and Yukon Division) want strong, province-wide legislation that bans the use, sale and retail display of synthetic, chemical pesticides for lawns, gardens and non - agricultural landscaping, click here.

  • Why BC needs a strong, effective "no IPM" ban like Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec, click here.

  • For the more than 100 groups, organizations, local governments and school districts that have Pesticide Free initiatives throughout BC, click here.
  • To get your lawn and garden off traditional, highly toxic pesticides by using lower risk products and sustainable land care practices, click here.

  • To Take Action! and continue advocating for strong pesticide ban legislation, click here.

  • Also see left sidebars . . . "Help BC go Pesticide Free!" and "Print 'Pesticide Free' Poster".

See "Using PFBC Website" left sidebar for suggestions on how to use the website.

This website is maintained by a BC family as an information source for British Columbians who want strong ban legislation passed and implemented in 2013.
Last Updated on Thursday, 12 December 2013 13:39

Tell Premier Clark she needs to honour her 2011 pesticide ban commitment.

Call the Premier's office at 250 387 1715 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Together, let's make BC pesticide free.


Premier Breaks Ban Promise

“It’s hard to imagine
how the premier
could believe
these dangerous pesticides
increase the likelihood
of childhood cancer
do so little to prevent
unnecessary exposure
to them.”

Premier breaks promise
to protect children
and the environment
from cosmetic pesticides.

Rob Fleming, New Democrat
Environment critic
February 21, 2013 Release.

Ban Support Mowed Down

"Big business and lobbyists
have publicly
defeated the plans
of not one but
two successive
BC Liberal premiers,
the Canadian Cancer Society
and the Lung Association
to ban cosmetic pesticides. 

. . . Bennett's majority ruling
also rejected
the pro-ban submissions
of roughly 80 per cent
of the over
8,600 individuals
and organizations
that participated --
a record number
for a B.C. committee."

Who Mowed Down
the Premier?

The Tyee May 22, 2012

Premier for Ban in 2011

In a May 4, 2011 news scrum
Premier Clark said she has
supported a ban
"for years now."

This commitment
was made during
her leadership campaign:

"I don't want to see
anyone's child
playing on a lawn
with toxic pesticides."

See Feb 2011 Liberal leadership
campaign commitment.

Lake Wanted Ban in 2008

that the Province
of British Columbia
enact provincial legislation
that will ban
the sale and use of
cosmetic pesticides

Union of BC Municipalities
2008 Resolution B81
championed by
Kamloops Mayor Terry Lake,
BC's past Environment Minister.

Protect Sled Dogs not Kids?

In 2011, Premier Clark
and past
Environment Minister Lake
acted swiftly
because of 56 dead
Olympic sled dogs
"amended legislation
to give this province
the toughest animal
cruelty laws in Canada."

"Land Act changes improve
protection of sled dogs."
BC Govt Newsroom
Oct 22, 2011

When will  
the Liberal Government
protect British Columbians,
our pets and
the environment
from cosmetic pesticide use
with "tough" ban legislation?

No IPM in Nova Scotia

Since April 2011,
IPM lawn care companies 
in Nova Scotia
must use the same
lower risk
"allowable" products 
as everyone else.

See Dept of Environment's
March 22, 2011 news release.

Ont Bans Unnecessary Risk

"You can have
a healthy lawn and garden
the unnecessary risk
posed by using
conventional pesticides
for purely
cosmetic reasons."

Minister of the Environment's
April 21, 2010 News Release
on ban's first anniversary.

It's what's in the spray

" 'It's not about
to spray
or not to spray - -
it's what's
in the spray.'

Only Health Canada
approved bio-agents
will be allowed
for sale or use."

Pesticide Ban coming in 2015
Winnipeg Sun
June 28, 2013 article quoting
Manitoba's Conservation and
Water Stewardship Minister
Gord Mackintosh